April 24, 2006

My students so far

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I have no public school teaching experience, save those two not-so-fun days as a substitute. However, I am a one-time Sunday School teacher and the leader of an on-again, off-again college women’s Bible study. One one end, you’ve got students for whom the urge to pee is contagious and the right answer to every question is “Jesus!” and on the other end, your students already know the marjority of what you’re teaching, but enjoy talking about their individual plights as Christian women together. Good times.

Here are some of my best stories from both classes:

4-6 year-old Sunday School class

  1. In the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, I asked the students what they thought would happen if these men were thrown in the fiery furnace. One little boy immediately said quite solemnly, “They’ll go down to the devil.” I said, “But Collin, these are good Christian men who worship God. They won’t go to hell, do you think?” He backtracked, saying, “Oh yeah you only go down to the devil for like selling drugs or killing somebody or going to jail.” I tried to explain a little more about sin and hell, but Collin just nodded his head blissfully, in complete understanding of this whole devil place.
  2. I get out the gumball machine, the Holy Grail for my Sunday school class. Kids get a gumball for answering a question correctly. Most of them just stare at the machine the whole time I’m asking questions, and shout “Jesus!” if they can’t think of anything else.
  3. During this little Q&A period, I asked the kids what Daniel requested from the king to eat, rather than his delicacies. (The answer: vegetables and water.) When we had gone over this part in class, I had asked the kids what vegetables they liked to eat. They’d mentioned corn and green beans. When I asked what Daniel had eaten with the reward of a gumball, they started screaming out every vegetable they could think of. This was right, but I wanted some kid to say the word “vegetables,” so they didn’t go home telling their parents that Daniel asked for corn on the cob. (Not that big a deal, I see in retrospect, but I’m learning here.) When I said, “Yes corn on the cob is one of these…yes carrots are another. What did Daniel ask for?” one kid, his eyes glued on the gumball machine, shouted “Fruit!” while another asked thoughtfully, “Lettuce?”

College women’s Bible study

  1. During a series studying our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit, we had a study on keeping our bodies healthy. For some reason, this led into a discussion on the gross things about our body–one girl mentioned that certain deodorants make her break out, another concurred, saying her doctor made her get off the anti-perspirant, and then another girl confesses that she has two wear two kinds of deo to battle her B.O. Wow. TMI girls, TMI.
  2. We usually have a pageful of prayer requests. We come to Bible study from Wednesday night church, where we ask for prayer requests before our college Bible class, but these girls always come up with five times that many for our Bible study! It’s really awesome, though–much more personal stuff comes out, both good and bad, and we really pray our hearts out for each other, and then try to help each other get through the tough times and celebrate with each other in the good times.
  3. I used to pack these studies with Scriptures, and barrel through a lesson breathlessly. These girls made me nervous–I knew they had as much or more knowledge than I did, and I felt I needed to offer them a lot to keep them coming back. But then I realized that they came not so much for knowledge as they did for sisterhood. Once I slowed down and let them share experiences from their own lives, and what the Scriptures meant to them, we reached a new level of communication and spiritual friendship.

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