May 3, 2006

Grading to Communicate

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So I read Dana Huff’s discussion of this article in Educational Leadership by Tony Winger called Grading to Communicate a couple weeks ago. Then last week I had to write a paper on grading practices using Robert Marzano’s excellent book on the subject called Transforming Classroom Grading. Combined with Winger’s article (which I found in its entirety on EBSCO Host), I feel I got a great wake-up call in grading. I did not realize how many sources of error exist in grading, and how crucial grades are in helping students achieve. At Winger’s school, a student panel “reported that they see their schoolwork as a game they play for grades—a game that at best treats learning as incidental, and at worst distracts students from making meaning.” How true this is! For so many kids, grades, not learning, are the bottom line! If grades are separated into key components of course objectives, students would have truly accurate feedback on their learning. Just think if each student in my English courses had a running total on how they’re doing in listening and speaking, reading comprehension, writing, work habits, and key concepts. Then grades would truly be communicating something, rather than assigning a single grade to assess multiple skills.



  1. Courtney said,

    Kim- I’m really enjoying reading your blog!! I wish I had time to read all of those education articles… SUMMER- 17 days! I’d love to hear other articles like that which you have found helpful- I know there are tons, but again, limited time to find the good ones!

  2. Kim said,

    I’ll definitely keep posting any articles I find, Courtney! However, my Teaching Strategies class only has one week left.. we’ll see how many I actually read then! I’m going to be ordering eduacation books off my amazon wishlist when classes are over.

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