May 26, 2006

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This book gets me SO excited about teaching! I love Brandvik’s idea on classroom management: Students who disrupt learning are often suffering from a lack of one of the following:
1) Survival
2) Freedom
3) Belonging
4) Power
5) Fun

This makes a lot of sense. I think this would be helpful to pinpoint which of these needs aren’t being met in problem kids (or problem classes) and adjust accordingly. Not that you have to have fun all the time, or let kids feel in control or free all the time–a small amount of those will help them feel so much better about themeselves.

As I get more great ideas from this book, I’ll post them.

I also ordered Harry Wong’s The First Days of School from Amazon–it reads like Wong decided to write a book on how to be a teacher for fifth-graders. Restates his points over and over and over with huge graphics and sidebars, randomly thrown in quotes and photos…very warm-fuzzy, but not so many practical tips for teaching.



  1. Laura said,

    Not to be a buzzkill, but pinpointing what they need is not going to be your biggest problem, if your experience turns out anything like mine. The problem is compensating for those lacks enough to make them QUIT disrupting.

    2 kids I have now come to mind immediately. I know one is looking for power and the other is looking for belonging, but I alone cannot give them enough to calm down fourth period. Granted, since pinpointing those, I’ve been able to maneuver so as to address the needs in small ways. They still can’t stay shut up. But they are better.

    Wong’s got good ideas. I just can’t seem to make his style mine! I can tell you already know what I mean.

  2. Ms. H said,

    I am going to have to go get that English teacher book. It looks like good stuff.

    Hey! Email me…I have a question for you! livnntx2005 at sbcglobal dot net

  3. Kim said,

    Laura, thanks for the reality check. I definitely need those, seeing as I have no teaching reality yet.

  4. Onyx said,

    I adore Wong’s ideas and have adapted them for my classroom. The Fred Jones book is also superb and been extremely helpful. Both Wong’s workshops and Jones’ workshops have been very helpful for me!

    Keep in mind you can’t fix the kids. You’ll want to, I can tell. Trust your gut, it has been my best guide in what to do.

  5. Kim said,

    Thanks, onyx. I think once I start actually preparing for my first days of school, I’ll go back to Wong’s ideas.

  6. Anonymous said,

    I love this book, but by far my favorite is The English Teacher’s Companion by Jim Burke

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