June 14, 2006

Please be my friend!

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:57 pm by mrsmauck

I have to fight this urge when I’m around the little darlings. I love high school kids, like I said before: love their energy, their perspectives, their creativity, etc. BUT I can’t let myself believe that because I enjoy being around them so much and hearing about their lives and understanding who they are, they are my friends. This is what I found myself doing at camp. Granted, the role of camp counselor is different than that of teacher, so I was able to just talk and have fun with the kids more than I would in a teacher role. However, I know that I could fall victim to that fatally stupid Michael Scott role: you think that because these people have to listen to you, they want to listen to you. It’s a little heady. You could do silly stuff like have a conference about drugs, just to show off your street prowess (see photo!). Or you could be seen as an unpredictable, insecure dictator. So desperate for their respect, yet unable to demand it. So you ask for it meekly, with your goofy jokes and attempts at being cool. I DON’T WANT TO BE LIKE MICHAEL SCOTT! It seems like a difficult balancing act, though, for sure.


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  1. Allison said,

    YES! Yes it is! Sorry, I just finished your site and I’m about to start my second year teaching. I totally feel like I erred on the side of the insecure dictator– it’s hard to know what to do with 5 classes of 32 students each and every day. Some days you can have great discussions of books, other days all I felt like I did was yell at them to do what they were supposed to do…I’m working on strategies for this year. Any ideas from you who are still in the theory stages?

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