July 5, 2006

My one-minute explanation for why I want to be a teacher

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Friends and family keep giving me this weird look when I tell them I’m now studying to become a teacher, after telling them last year I wanted to be a full-time freelance writer, and telling them the year before that I wanted to be a school librarian. So here are some options for a one-minute explanation for why I’m a Future English Teacher:

My current explanation:

I’ve just decided that’s what I want to do, and you know, it will be a good career to have when we start having kids.

My pour-your-heart-out, Felicity-style explanation (preferably spoken in an earnest whisper):

I started the Master’s program and just realized education was my passion, that journalism was really just this desperate attempt to do something unexpected and creative with my life, rather than what my entire family has done. I don’t know how I could have ever thought education would be too obvious, too easy a choice for me. I know it will be the most challenging and rewarding job I’ll ever have, and so I have to do it.

My sarcastic, I’ve-been-asked-this-question-fifty-times-this-week explanation:

I’ve always thought premature gray hair is sophistocated, and that dying young from massive amounts of stress, frustration, over-excitement, and empathetic heartache would be romantic.

My earnest, but condensed, answer that is what I’ll probably start using:

I started the Master’s program, and realized education is what I really want to do and what I am meant to do. It would have been nice to figure it out while I was an undergraduate, but you live and learn, right?



  1. Jack said,

    I love this blog!!!

    Good luck in your first year. Please let this ol’ veteran of the classroom (both as nerdy student, perennial college learner [221 hours] and 19-year teaching vet getcha thinkin’:

    1) Forget your first year. It’s going to be a blur anyway (thank goodness for that!). I think it’s a survival technique.

    2) The best writers follow these rules first: Hush. Listen. The best teachers do too.

    3) Love what you do; the money will come later.

    4) Don’t try to change the world; just your li’l corner of it. Small steps, okay?

    5) Never try to get the kids to remember more than five of anything. Threes are best. That’s why the first three are the most important here and the two subsequent ones are worth remembering later. 🙂

    Pax et justicia,

  2. Laura said,

    Ha ha! I love the variety of options! How about a Humphrey-Bogart-style matter-of-fact option?

  3. Kim said,

    Thanks for the advice, Jack! I can use everything I get.

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