August 15, 2006

The Ron Clark story

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Okay, who saw this truly inspiring TV movie last night? I laughed out loud, I wept quietly…it was beautiful! If you saw the promos for it, don’t worry the cheese factor was considerably lower than the lines they kept showing over and over: “Everyone says we’re losers, Mr. Clark.” “You. Are Not. Losers.”

Great moments:

  • When Mr. Clark was interviewing for a job in his home state of North Carolina, he saw a little (rat-tailed!) boy standing in a trash can outside the classroom door. He went over and asked the kid what he was doing. The little boy, his face burning with embarrassment, answered that his teacher said he couldn’t learn anything and deserved to be taken out with the trash. Mr. Clark introduced himself, asked the boy’s name, and then told the boy he’d forgotten his own name. “What was my name again?” “Mr. Clark,” the boy replied. “See, you just learned something.” and he pulled him out of the trash can.
  • Mr. Clark is continuing his thus far fruitless search for the toughest teaching job he can find in Harlem. He walks up to Inner Harlem Elementary to see a teacher and a student shoving each other outside the door. Mr. Clark races up and separates them just as the principal walks out and tells the teacher that if he walks away, he stays away. The teacher walks away, muttering “You can keep the bastards,” and the boy goes inside. Mr. Clark tells the principal, “I can start right now.”
  • Mr. Clark told the classroom that if they trusted him and jumped off the proverbial cliff, they would fly together. To demonstrate their agreement, they all came forward and lit a candle on this beautiful cake at the front of the classroom.

There were several others, but I don’t want to give away plot points. Inspiring TV movie, highly recommended! Who else saw it? Anyone have any thoughts on how true this was to life in the classroom? I encourage you to go to Ron Clark’s site, which I linked above. He and his Harlem students who were portrayed in the film, visited the set! Lots of great photos, tidbits, and behind-the-scenes stuff.

In other teacher film news, I was flipping channels the other night and came across a classic, Dangerous Minds. After Michelle Pfieffer’s first day of school, in which she tries to learn classroom management in a night, my oh-so-caring Hubby remarked, “That’s going to be you!” Ha! I won’t be teaching in the inner city, but I’m sure I will be completely overwhelmed.



  1. Miss Browneyedgirlie said,

    That was such a good movie – I liked it so much that I started watching it a second time.

    I can’t say how true to life it is because I’m not teaching yet, but it certainly made me more aware of how wonderful it will be to be a teacher and to make a difference (even if it’s a tiny, microscopic one) in the lives of my students.

  2. Swapna said,

    I totally loved the movie. As you said, it made me laugh and cry. I’m not sure if in real life, there is somebody like that. Just seems too good to be true.

  3. CaliforniaTeacherGuy said,

    I missed it, but at a district in-service today, one of my fellow teachers told me about it, got me excited, and now he and I are both hoping that it’s going to be available in DVD. Thanks sharing some of the scenes from the movie. I’m even more eager to see it now!

  4. anonymous educator said,

    Rat-tails are amazing, and I plan to have one by the time I return from Christmas break.

  5. Lissa said,

    Saw it! IT’s so good. You should read the book, Kim. I have it! It’s excellent.
    Have you actually seen him talk? Oh man I did and talk about tears tears tears. I mean I saw him on video, not in person. 3 of my education classes made us watch it…then my principal showed it. VERY good! I’m not sure what that video is called????

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