August 16, 2006

Back to school for me!

Posted in grad school at 5:56 pm by mrsmauck

Nope, I’m not in front of the classroom; still in one. Classes began at my hometown college today, so I’m back to balancing full-time work and graduate classes. I’m really excited about it, though. It’s going to make these next few months zoom by. (I know; it’s bad to wish your time away, but I’m so ready to be a teacher!)

I had a serious freshman moment today! Happens to the most seasoned of students!! I pulled the oldie but goodie of walking into the wrong classroom! Excellent! Thankfully, I saw a familiar face, and asked her what she was doing in a 4000-level class, knowing she’d only graduated from high school a year or two earlier. She apprehensively informed me that she was in Humanities. “Oh! My schedule said my class was in Room 318!” I replied, as though all these young pups were in the wrong classroom, not me. “I think this is Room 319,” she replied. “What a moron,” all the freshmen in the room thought simultaneously. Oh well! At least they all saw that’s it’s no big deal to make mistakes! The thing they were fearing most about their first day of class just happened to a graduate student! (There, now I feel better about my stupidity–it was all for the freshmen!)

I’m taking Methods and Media of Secondary English, which should be amazing. There are only seven students, including myself, all of whom are female. The prof, who’s also a female, taught my World Lit class last semester, and she’s very engaging and democratic. A great example for me. Once I get into reading the textbook, which asks that the reader journal responses to reflective questions, I’ll start posting them here.

My other class is Shakespeare, which I’m so jazzed about. The prof is this eccentric Shakespeare expert, and he requires us to memorize a line of blank verse for every class period, and–get this–be ready to recite it aloud in class! A bit stressful, but fun to hear others do it, I’m sure. It’s a senior-level course I’m taking for graduate credit, so my graduate component will be some sort of project on teaching Shakespeare. I NEED IDEAS! What kind of project can I do that would actually be useful for teaching Shakespeare to middle or high schoolers? Here are some ideas:

  • A PowerPoint intro to a Shakespeare unit (or single play) with background info about Elizabethan theater, the bard, etc. This should have a non-electronic method, as well, since I don’t know for sure that I’ll have a classroom with a digital projector (oh please please!).
  • A six-week unit plan for teaching Romeo & Juliet, as that is required reading for so many freshmen.
  • A general presentation on teaching Shakespeare. I found another student’s presentation on this here. This presentation is actually on how to teach R&J, which might actually be more feasible, so I could focus the scope more. This sounds kind of blah, but it might actually be really useful and comprehensive, as many people in this class are probably English Education majors.

Other ideas? Suggestions for a general presentation?


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  1. Becky said,

    I earned my EdD while teaching full time, so I know the time crunch you are working under. . .so here is a suggestion. Create or modifiy a WebQuest on Shakespeare & R/J to allow the students to be fully engaged in learning and reading. If you are not familiar with WebQuests, see this url once there you can search the Quest Garden I found 17 WQ
    I use WQ in all of my courses and the college students appear (you know college students ;.)) ) to enjoy them.

    Good luck and have a great year!

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