August 20, 2006

As a teacher, I will…

Posted in philosophy at 3:39 am by mrsmauck

Okay, here’s another journal entry for my English Methods class. This question deals with what I want to accomplish, specifically, by becoming a teacher. Here goes.

As a teacher, I will help students

  1. Begin, or continue on, a journey of self-discovery. Reading helps you see worlds outside your own, and writing helps you consider yourself and your own world in the context of the wide world. I want to help students discover their learning style and what inspires them and moves them. Moments of revelation that happen in engaging discussion about literature and in meaningful writing assignments and projects become part of the person that is forming almost right before my eyes.
  2. Become effective oral communicators. Through classroom discussion, presentations, and small group work, I want my students to learn to listen and speak effectively.
  3. Enjoy reading. I want to open students’ eyes to the idea that difficult literature can still be enjoyable, and that enjoyable literature can still be studied in a classroom setting.
  4. Apply knowledge and skills they pick up not just in my class, but in other classes and the world, to themselves so that they can achieve their own unique goals and ambitions. (This is where the “real-world connections” come in that Fried talks about so much: Help students see that this knowledge is salient in today’s world.)
  5. Dream big, and go after those dreams (Thanks, Ron Clark!).
  6. Be reflective individuals. I want them to see that writing is often about making sense of themselves and of the world, and this is something they should be doing everyday. Why do things happen this way? How could we improve this attitude or process or system? Why do I believe what I believe? What if I could change things? These are things they should think about everyday as they process information.

Teachers, I’d love some feedback. What do you think of my sky-high goals? I understand that accomplishing just one or two with each kid would be awesome, but even to just do that, I need to make these goals dictate my lessons and teaching style. I can’t just say them and think them right now, and then forget about them when I start planning and preparing for my classroom, and actually teaching.

What other goals do you have for an ELA classroom?



  1. Onyx said,

    Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’ve tried and looked up. I’m back in classes and I too have set high goals. Will I question my sanity later on? You bet! Will you question yours? Probabaly! Your goals look good to me and will look great to the parents of those who are fortunate enough to have you as a teacher.

  2. Ms. H said,

    Hear, hear!! I totally agree that you should emphasize their thinking and communicating skills rather than their ability to bubble. I have seen my kids four times now, and have made sure to drill home each time the idea that I want them to think…not just parrot the right answer. Hopefully they’ll realize that I’m serious about not letting them stay on the surface. If not, they’ll be getting another chance next year!! ha!

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