September 21, 2006

My passion shifts…

Posted in mommy at 9:06 pm by mrsmauck

Well, my Teacher Competency Review Panel interview went well. It was just two extremely nice women who were very friendly and laid-back about the whole process, so I felt very comfortable and at ease. I should have my teaching certificate in the next couple weeks!

It’s been very difficult for me to post on this blog lately, because all the thought I used to devote to teaching has been almost completely replaced with thoughts of being a mommy. That’s right dear readers, I’m pregnant! I’d been planning on applying for jobs that begin mid-year for the past couple months, but now I’m having second thoughts. I’ll be in my third trimester for most of next semester, and I’ve heard how incredibly tiring teaching is, especially during your first year. I’ll probably go ahead and apply, though. The bottom line is, I have to work somewhere, and although the job I have now is very laid-back, has me sitting down most of the day, and is very flexible about taking breaks when needed for dr. appointments, sick days, etc., it’s not a good job for me. Yikes though, now that I listed all those things, I see how it might be a wiser choice.

Well…I’ll be praying about it. What do you guys think?



  1. CaliforniaTeacherGuy said,

    Perhaps you could find a job-share teaching position. The first year of teaching is exhausting–and why would a new mommy-to-be want to work herself into a state of exhaustion? 🙂

  2. Miss Browneyedgirlie said,

    Congratulations – on the teacher front AND the mommy front.

    Both so very exciting.

  3. Onyx said,

    Congratulations. I taught 1/2 days the first 6 years of my career, that was a good deal

  4. Ms. H said,

    CONGRATS!!!!! Although I think the children of Okie-land would most definitely benefit from having you as their teacher (no matter how tired and hormonal you are, ha!) I think waiting may be a better option. I watched my roommate do her internship while pregnant and would not wish that level of bone-deep exhaustion on anyone.
    I can’t wait until the baby gets here, so we can deliver the “You’ve got an INCREDIBLE mama with an AMAZING heart!” message. That kid has already been blessed. :0)

  5. Courtney said,

    Congrats on both! Don’t start teaching this year with a baby on the way. One of my co-workers, a 2nd year, just had to be put on bedrest for the last 4 months because her blood pressure is so high because of the stress of school. Baby’s health is more impt!

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