October 12, 2006

Question about subbing

Posted in job search at 2:52 pm by mrsmauck

I just got a whiff of a teaching job for next semester that would align perfectly with my status as mommy-to-be. A current English teacher is preggo at the school I’d like to teach at, and her due date is in February. I could take over her class for 8wks or so, get my feet wet in teaching and at my preferred school, and then have a few weeks before my due date to get everything ready. Then in the fall, I’d be ready to take those classes over (if I can bear to separate myself from the baby!!).

HOWEVER, and this is a big one, is there any way I could get health insurance for this brief time? I’d like to get hired by this school for the fall; I’m wondering if if they would go ahead and insure me starting in the spring? Normally, I wouldn’t care about being without insurance for six months or so, but obviously as a new mommy, I’ll need that coverage!!

Ultimately, I’ll have to just talk to the administration about this, I’m sure. I just wondered if any of you could see this being a remote possibility.



  1. CaliforniaTeacherGuy said,

    Sorry to discourage you, but during my years as a sub, there was no way I could get health insurance through the school district. Maybe things are different where you are, and it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Good luck!

  2. Courtney said,

    I agree- wouldn’t hurt to ask, but highly unlikely- as a long-term sub, you’re not paid salary, but a wage, ergo no benefits…

  3. Anonymous said,

    That was a major concern of my long term maternity sub. She did not get insurance. Here you also lose ALL your full time pay (and start over with sub pay) if you take even one sick day before you’ve been there 15 days. Lots of little silly rules. But things you might want to think about.

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