November 8, 2006

My belly will do the talking in job interviews

Posted in job search at 4:46 pm by mrsmauck

We did simulated interviews this week in my English Methods class, with us taking turns in the hot seat and asking each other some tough questions. This made me realize that I’ll need to get a maternity business suit, because I’ll go for job interviews either in the next month or two (if I passed my test) or in the spring, when I’ll be six to nine months pregnant! And my methods teacher told us not to divulge any personal details in the interview…my belly’s going to do the talking for me!

A brief reflection on me as an interviewee (watching the tape was not so fun, but beneficial):

  • Don’t use “filler” words like “definitely” and “kind of”–I get stuck in a rut and throw those words in way too much.
  • Use concrete examples: For classroom management, give actual procedures; for curriculum, give examples from units I’ve done for school or have planned; for literature, give examples from books that are appropriate for the grade levels for which I’m interviewing.
  • SLOW DOWN! Take a breath before answering each question. Pause at the ends of sentences.
  • Make eye contact at all times, switching from interview panelist to panelist. I’m not going to find the answers on my hands or on the ceiling.

Any other tips for interviews? What questions should you the interviewee ask at the end? What was the toughest interview question you got?



  1. Courtney said,

    I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully! Questions I remember: classroom management, experience, why teach, how will you contribute to the school outside of the classroom. The question I was most unprepared for… Tell us what you know about this school. So do your homework!!

  2. Anonymous said,

    I interviewed at a middle school that I as qualified for as some of the other applicants. I am convinced what got me the job offer was that I was really excited and passionate about the job PLUS I did my homework before and when they asked if I had any questions I was able to say…I noticed that this school works on “teams” instead of grade levels…how does such and such fit in with this? I think they really liked that. It was such a long interview…2 hours!!! In the end, I turned the job down, but the interview itself was awesome experience. One thing to remember…give honest answers. If they don’t like your honest answers, chances are you don’t want to work for them anyway.

  3. mex said,

    I always got “philosophy of ed” BARF

    New on the list (I saw some PrinciPAL’s interview Qs.. actually quite a few.. and that’s

    3 adjectives (words) to descfribe yrself)

    3 words others would use to describe you

    Sounds like you diid fine, Gurly


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