November 9, 2006

Pseudo-teaching experience

Posted in classroom stories at 9:58 pm by mrsmauck

I spoke at a Career Day today about the journalism field. It was tough putting on an excited front about journalism when at the moment I was doing what I actually, passionately want to be doing: teaching high school students! I do want to teach journalism in high school though, so some of what I said I could actually be reiterating in the next year in my own classroom! Pseudo-teaching was extremely motivating, but quite tiring! I only did it for half a class period for three hours, and I felt pooped after! I’m sure you teachers know what I’m talking about: that exhausted, but somehow fulfilled, feeling. It was amazing seeing the boys in the very back row get interested in what I was saying: one minute they were rolling their eyes at each other, and the next, they were engaged and asking really good questions. I would make mental notes; ah! That’s what gets them! and try to keep going in that direction, as long as it wasn’t something ridiculous that got their attention, like the mention of something bathroom- or body part-related. However, sometimes it’s good to throw in a little something unexpected to wake them up, right?


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  1. Ms. H said,

    You know how to tell if you’re an excellent teacher?
    You’re exhausted after “only lecturing”!
    Many of my friends don’t get how I can be exhausted after I’ve done nothing more than talk to people all day. What they don’t get is that, if you do it right and put all of your energy into it…in order to truly get through to the kiddos….you’re as tired as if you ran a marathon.

    I think you’re on the right track for your future career…I think you definitely belong in the classroom. I know what it’s like to feel conflicted about your passion for your subject area…but I’m confident the relationships you build with your students will turn into a dialogue that’ll enable you to share your love of journalism.

    Good job, Kim!!

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