February 12, 2007

I have an interview!

Posted in job search at 8:12 pm by mrsmauck

There’s not been much to report on the education front–until today! I’ve got an interview at a small nearby high school. I’ve already talked to a teacher who works there, and know it would be a position teaching grades 9-12, and possibly the journalism course also. The course load sounds great for me, as I’m trying to get a wide range of experience in my first couple years; really figure out what grade level students and curriculum I like and which I’m best with.

I’ve downloaded the school’s state report card, and here are some stats that jump out at me:

  • The average number of days absent per student is above average, 13.1! That’s a school-ful of Ferris Beullers!
  • The average property value and household yearly income is $10,000-12,000 lower than the state average.
  • Despite these dire stats, the percentage of parents attending Parent-Teacher conferences is average compared to the state, 72%.
  • End of Instruction Test scores were 10-12 percentage points below the state average in English II, U.S. History, and Biology I, and 23 points below in Algebra I! The teacher I spoke with said they switched Algebra I teachers after those scores came in.
  • Kids seem to not achieve to their full potential at this school for some reason. Consider: The average GPA is 2.4 (state average is 3.0), and the average ACT score is 18.1 (state avg is 20.6), yet the Oklahoma college-going rate was about equal to the state rate (about 51%), as is the percentage of Oklahoma college freshmen with a GPA of 2.0 or above (72-74%).

Looks like there’s a lot of room for improvement, no matter what way you look at it. I think I’m going to have to get a lobotomy between now and then though, as baby thoughts have taken over my brain! I’ve been riding the name carousel for weeks, with no end in sight. It’s really starting to give me a headache. Getting back into the teacherly frame of mind is going to take some effort, that’s for sure. I’ll probably be reading over this blog and posting in the next day or two to update my teaching philosophy, classroom management policies, curriculum ideas, etc.


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