February 15, 2007

Interview recap

Posted in job search at 4:08 pm by mrsmauck

Well, the interview was good, I think. It was just the superintendent and me, which I thought was a bit odd–I know the school is in the process of finding a new principal, but I would think they would wait until they have hired him/her before interviewing teachers. Anyway, he said I should hear back from him by the end of the month. Don’t you just hate it how all the questions on which you had meditated and rehearsed don’t get asked? Plus, rehearsed answers sound really silly when it’s just you and one other person–no element of performance. That’s one part of teaching I’m really excited about (I’m excited about almost everything about teaching right now, though): putting on a show, discovering truths as I talk about them with students, and animating their minds with the ideas and thoughts that come to me in the moment, as I’m inspired.


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  1. Miss Browneyedgirlie said,

    It’s awesome, isn’t it?

    I’ve got interviews coming up in a few weeks – and excited doesn’t even begin to sum up my feelings about teaching as of late.

    It’s the most incredible, wonderful journey ever.

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