March 21, 2007

Pseudo-Job offer

Posted in job search at 3:55 am by mrsmauck

So what would you do: You’re told you can have a job if you can earn one additional certification (in U.S. History/Oklahoma History/Government/Econ–all one test here), so you can teach a few social studies courses in addition to English courses. Downside: the test costs $75, a long afternoon away from your two-month old baby (her approximate age at the time of the June test), and several weeks of of studying while trying to care for an infant. Upside: My contact all but assured me the job would be mine if I could pass this test.

I definitely think English and social studies are interrelated, and I have a latent, indirect interest in history and government. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres of literature, and I enjoy staying up on current events and government goings-on in the news. I know I could teach history well, because I get excited about whatever I learn about, and I have some great ideas for bringing history to life. But is it worth all that work?

I’ve got word on another job opening nearby for high school English–I believe it would involve only two grade levels of English as well as a couple fun English electives.

Should I work for the extra certification for an almost-sure thing job or forego this one, hope for another job offer in English alone, and just focus on my baby this summer? Opinions?



  1. Mrs. T said,

    If you have even the slightest desire- do it now. It only gets harder to find the time later.

  2. Courtney said,

    LOL- my comment is the total opposite- don’t do it! What I am finding is that people with more certification and therefore more that they can teach are being screwed- too many preps, teaching crappy classes because they can do it and no one else wants to. If you love English, stick with that! The thought of trying to read and teach novels and trying to teach broad epochs of history and cover all those standards simultaneously makes me want to crawl in a hole and die. But that’s just me!

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