April 11, 2007

Dream job opening!

Posted in job search at 4:06 pm by mrsmauck

So Teacher Placement Day went well; I talked with four school districts, only two of which would really be places I’d like to work. These were of course the two that did NOT have any current openings for English teachers.

However, the school district a short 15 minutes away from us where Hubby went to school has an opening that would be perfect! The high school is small, so there are two English teachers, each of whom take on two sections of two grade levels, and then two fun classes. The teacher who resigned taught English I and III and–get this–Reading for Pleasure and Creative Writing! Sweet! I just talked to the principal about it and will hustle over to get a resume packet on his desk (I sent one earlier in the year to the superintendent).



  1. redkudu said,

    Hoorah, and best of luck!

    At my school, one of our English teachers has a lock on creative reading and writing. (I like her a lot, and she worked hard for it, but overcrowding has made it near to impossible to break into that territory for the rest of us.)

    Here’s hoping you get the job!

  2. CaliforniaTeacherGuy said,

    May this be an open door for you!

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