May 31, 2007

Job update

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So I was getting all geared up for middle school–reading Nancie Atwell’s In the Middle and various middle-grade YA novels–and then I talked to my superintendent again today. I go in next week to sign my paperwork, get my textbooks, and check out my high school classroom. That’s right, they changed me to high school. I don’t know what happened, didn’t want to pry, but I’ll now be teaching grades 9-12 at this small high school. I’m pretty sure it’ll be all grades anyway, that’s what it was when I originally interviewed for the high school position back in February. But they hadn’t yet hired their new high school principal at that point, so who knows. I’ll get it all figured out next week, I suppose.

I’m not really sure what I think of this change: I had gotten myself all psyched up for middle school: convinced myself that age group was easier to motivate, but perhaps more difficult to manage, more likely to value grades and peer approval, but more difficult to predict. And middle-grade YA novels are some of my favorite reads to this day. Now I’m back on the track I have been on since last year, for high school. When I see my textbooks and such, maybe I’ll feel more focused.


May 17, 2007

new baby, new job!

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Well, everything I’ve been waiting for for the past 10 months or so happened at the same time about 10 days ago! I went into labor, and I got a job offer! That’s right, my new principal happens to be a friend of my husband’s, and he called the labor and delivery room to see how we were doing, and just happened to have a job he wanted to offer me at the same time. Needless to say, my mind was not in the right place to accept anything at that time, so I went ahead and labored through the night with little Claire Diane, and then after I was home for a week to acclimate myself to mommyhood, decided to accept the job. I actually had another offer on Claire’s one-week birthday, but decided the one I got when I was in labor was the one for me. This fall, I’ll be a middle school English and reading teacher at a nearby small school. It’s about the same size as the one I went to, and it’s only about 15 minutes from our house.

More to come as I continue reading Nancie Atwell’s In the Middle, Jim Burke’s English Teacher’s Companion, and plenty of YA lit.

Question in the meantime: Any ideas on how to structure a reading workshop classroom (which I’d like to do perhaps one or two days a week), when I don’t yet have a substantial classroom library? Kids will be going back and forth to the school library without me there to guide and supervise them; how should I set this up?

May 2, 2007

Third pregnant interview!

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That’s right, I had a job interview this morning, my DUE DATE! My mom was pretty freaked out for me: if my water broke in front of the principal, he’d probably be so mortified he’d never want to see me again, much less hire me! But it went really well actually. It was for the dream job opening I posted about a while back. However, I’ve since found out that the school could be restructuring its English teacher assignments, so it might not be quite as sweet a gig as I at first supposed. However, it’s still a good distance, a good size, and the principal seems very supportive of his teachers. He’s a former college administrator and journalism teacher, so with my experience in those fields, I felt like we were on the same page as far as high school English expectations and communication standards in general.

I also found a much smoother way to introduce my portfolio in the interview, I think. At my last one, I simply left it with the principal for him to peruse, with a brief overview of what it included. This time, I actually talked with the principal about the unit plan I included in it, and how I thought it exemplified my teaching style and high expectations of students. However, he handed it back to me, and I accepted. Doh! Maybe I’ll get the hang of this interview thang one of these days!

So I believe I should be hearing back from both these interviews in the next couple weeks, at the same time I’ll be bonding with my baby girl and battling sleep deprivation and maybe baby blues. Wish me luck in making a good decision!