May 17, 2007

new baby, new job!

Posted in education books, job search at 3:10 pm by mrsmauck

Well, everything I’ve been waiting for for the past 10 months or so happened at the same time about 10 days ago! I went into labor, and I got a job offer! That’s right, my new principal happens to be a friend of my husband’s, and he called the labor and delivery room to see how we were doing, and just happened to have a job he wanted to offer me at the same time. Needless to say, my mind was not in the right place to accept anything at that time, so I went ahead and labored through the night with little Claire Diane, and then after I was home for a week to acclimate myself to mommyhood, decided to accept the job. I actually had another offer on Claire’s one-week birthday, but decided the one I got when I was in labor was the one for me. This fall, I’ll be a middle school English and reading teacher at a nearby small school. It’s about the same size as the one I went to, and it’s only about 15 minutes from our house.

More to come as I continue reading Nancie Atwell’s In the Middle, Jim Burke’s English Teacher’s Companion, and plenty of YA lit.

Question in the meantime: Any ideas on how to structure a reading workshop classroom (which I’d like to do perhaps one or two days a week), when I don’t yet have a substantial classroom library? Kids will be going back and forth to the school library without me there to guide and supervise them; how should I set this up?



  1. X said,

    Wow! Wow! Double congratulations! Wow! She’s perfect!

    I hope I can help out with the job stuff! If you want, email me your email address so I can add you to my blog readers.

  2. the reflective teacher said,

    That’s awesome! Congrats!

  3. X said,

    Do you know what grade(s) you’re supposed to have? I know it’s middle school, but there’s such a difference between sixth and eighth…Do you need any more suggestions for professional books?

    On the library situation, the first suggestion I have is to be as proactive and assertive as you can about building your classroom library, hopefully putting in a minimum of your own money. See if you can get a Donors Choose grant. See what your school will pay for. See if there is a book room with an unused stash. See if other teachers at your school can contribute some of theirs. If there are wealthy parents at the school (ha!), perhaps they can make some donations too.

    Other than that — make specific routines for who gets new books when (ie Freddy’s table goes to the library on Monday, Jimmy’s table goes to the library on Tuesday, etc) and make sure they check out more than one book at once and always have a backup (I call them “books on deck”) ready so they can’t say that they don’t have a book. If space allows, create a system for them to keep these books on deck in the classroom.

    Bring in a bunch of books from the library or your own stash to model choosing “just-right” books. Don’t be afraid to take kids out of a book that is too easy or too difficult for in-school reading. But also ask them about their perception of the book’s appropriateness for their level whenever you meet with them.

  4. Courtney said,


    No suggestions on the structure, but I frequent used book stores to build my classroom library.

  5. Ms. H said,

    CONGRATS — on both blessed events!! That’s incredible!!

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