July 31, 2007

More on SSR

Posted in lesson plans at 11:01 pm by mrsmauck

Athena left a great suggestion in her comment: to have the students use Library Thing to track the books they’ve read in SSR. I love it! What a great, nonthreatening way to have some closure after you finish a book! And the kids would have such ownership of that kind of thing. I think I’m going to start out requiring students to complete at least four books per semester–Is that not enough?

Another idea I had yesterday: students could be required to post weekly responses to their reading on blogs. I would also require them to read and comment on the blog entries of say, two classmates per week. I have two classroom computers–to avoid having to take the entire class to the computer lab once a week, perhaps I could allow students to rotate everyday, four of them missing part of SSR to post to their blogs and read the blogs of classmates. Does this sound too complicated? I think I’ll try it with one class my first semester and see how it goes.


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