August 2, 2007


Posted in computer malfunctions at 4:15 pm by mrsmauck

I’m starting to freak out a little because I realized yesterday that my USB drive might be shot. Well, surely any blogger worth her snuff knows that putting all your files on one drive with no backups is like driving with no headlights in the middle of nowhere during a new moon. Well, my wheels are hitting the shoulder, because right now my computer is saying it’s a malfunctioning drive and the metal part is wobbling in the plastic drive. I’d made a lot of lesson plan notes, including all my ideas on teaching Of Mice and Men and The Way to Rainy Mountain, AND all my files from my methods class were on that drive.

Is there any way to save this drive?


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  1. X said,

    Did it work out? Mine went through the washer and dryer with the cap off and still functions well.

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