August 8, 2007

Classroom expectations

Posted in classroom management at 5:34 pm by mrsmauck

I decided to call my class rules “expectations” instead, creating some for me and some for students. I got this idea from the ever-reflective and inventive Laura Huertero.

 You can expect me to:

1)       Respect and care for students.

2)      Provide each student with an equal opportunity to learn by maintaining an emotionally, physically, and mentally safe environment.

3)      Encourage curiosity and discovery through teaching methods that appeal to all learning styles.

4)      Present problems that require you to develop your critical thinking skills so that you can be a leader in your field.   

In return, I can expect you to:

1)       Respect your teacher and your classmates:

a.       Bring required materials to class.

b.      Be seated and working when the second bell rings.

2)      Allow all students, including you, to learn and achieve their highest potential.

3)      Obey all school rules in my class.

4)      Be an active participant in your learning: ask questions, discuss issues, and be passionate and creative with your work.

And here are my consequences:

1st Offense: Verbal warning

2nd Offense: Documented warning, conference with teacher

3rd Offense: Detention/Referral (Check school policy), Call to parent

 I haven’t printed these up for posters yet, so any comments or constructive criticism is still welcome.

 After a year and a half of telling the teacher blogosphere about my teaching methods and classroom mangement, I’m finally going to be telling students abou the, in a little over a week! Excitement and anxiety hardly cover what I feel when I try to let that sink in!



  1. ET said,


    I don’t know if you know, but your blog was selected as Wednesday’s Website about 10 days ago. It’s not much, but it did direct about 10 or so visits from my blog to your old one. I didn’t know you were in mid-switch on blogs.

    You can find out more about it here:

    There is also a small award gif if you want to place it on your site.

    Congratulations Kim (from one Okie to another!).

  2. mrsmauck said,

    Thanks so much, Eric! Look for my article in Oklahoma Today magazine in the next couple months on Oklahoma blogs!

  3. Perhaps I shall “steal” your expectations for my own classroom this year. Do you mind? 🙂

  4. […] to do. I would have liked a better method for learning names, but oh well. After I went over my expectations and syllabus (which lasted a bit too long, I think), we launched into our first learning experience, […]

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