August 14, 2007

Teacher shopping

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:26 pm by mrsmauck

All the teachers at my school get $75 to spend on their classrooms. I was pleasantly surprised at this, until I found out that our school does not stock ANY basic supplies that we had scads of at my old work. At my college office, it was very simple: we had a supply room with plenty of file folders, hanging folders, tablets, highlighters, pens, tape, scissors, Post-its, everything we might need to do our jobs. At school, as I’m sure most  of you teachers have experienced, NONE of that is provided. I found it really difficult to choose things for my classroom when I haven’t even gotten into any kind of routine yet: Will I want a file folder for every student? Maybe–so I bought 100. Will I do Greek and Latin root flash cards? Perhaps, so I bought some 3 x 5 cards. Will I use an overhead projector often enough to need to buy transparency markers? Maybe, so I threw some of those in.

I have had much less free time during these two days of in-service than I thought I would, and now I only have one day left at school to get everything ready for the first day! Yikes!



  1. No teacher that I know of is ever ready for the first day. If a teacher tells you that she is, don’t believe her! You’ll do just fine. You’ll find your way through it, just as the rest of us do. Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of public education!

  2. mrs t said,

    Few of us ever get through our “to do” lists. It’s ok.

  3. X said,

    The shopping gets easier with each passing year. BTW, I think individual folders are essential for record keeping. Definitely a wise investment.

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