August 17, 2007

My students

Posted in students at 11:48 pm by mrsmauck

So I’ve got grades 9-12, and I can already tell my sixth-period seniors are going to be a rowdy bunch. They’re good kids, but it’s a bad time of day, I think. Right after lunch, right before P.E., you know how it goes. I’m wondering if I did the wrong thing today, though: We rushed through our starter activity a bit, and ended up with 20 minutes to do a survey that should have taken about 10. So some kids got a little chatty, and I found myself being drawn into conversations with them, not related to the survey. The ones who were being the most talkative will probably be some of my favorite students though: they were the ones grabbing books off my library shelf and asking to borrow them early, asking me if I’d read certain books, etc. It’s hard for me to not show them attention when they’re being so darn interesting and clever! I found out some interesting stuff in these conversations though: One boy has a tattoo commemmorating his brother who died (didn’t ask how), and another girl has twin baby girls! Most of the fun facts I gathered were indirect offshoots of questions about the survey, but I afterward I felt like I might have paid too much attention to the ones who I kept having to get on to for talking (not about the survey). I’ll have to work on pacing my lessons better, and making sure I keep them on task. A few of them who talk are ones who I know are smart, but some of the others really need some help, and just don’t want to work because it’s too hard. So I can’t cheat them by giving too much attention to the smart, funny kids.


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  1. X said,

    Right after lunch is the absolute worst time to teach. Ugh. I feel for you.

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