August 31, 2007

Acting out The Odyssey

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My freshmen now have a good understanding of 10 of the Greek gods and goddesses, and we’ve started reading The Odyssey. We’ve only spent time in the text for two days, and the first day, I read the poem aloud while some volunteers acted out the action. Today, they read a section in small groups, summarized it for me as a class, and then we acted some more. I’m thinking that Tuesday, they’re going to read in small groups, and then they will direct the actors themselves, without my assistance. As it was today, I was putting so much effort into my dramatic reading that I couldn’t really monitor everyone’s understanding, and I feel like they need to tackle the poem themselves. My actors got a little bored, since I was reading their lines, and then waiting for them to chime in with their own version.

After finishing the poem, I plan to watch O Brother, Where Art Thou, completing a compare/contrast worksheet as we go.



  1. Good idea – like doing a “voice-over” – I’ll have to try that soon! It’s very “differentiated” – bodily/kinesthetic learners act out the parts, verbal/linguistic learners read-aloud. I usually do a “learning strengths/Multiple Intelligence” inventory to find out/inform their learning strengths. They could self-select to do acting, reading, singing, directing, etc.

  2. Shelly said,

    Check with your mentor teacher and administrator before showing a movie.

    In our district, you have to get any extra materials approved beforehand, and there are serious consequences for failure to comply.

  3. Ms. V said,

    I can’t believe you’re a first year teacher. You’ve got WONDERFUL ideas!

    I teach 8th grade AVID & Language Arts in CA, and your lessons are great!!

  4. mex/Syb said,

    I’m afraid this is too much for high school kids. You are first yr, idealistic, trying too hard, you will bore these kids to death.

  5. syb said,

    I was re-reading yr blog and am mortified by my own comment.. These kids NEED to be bored. That’s what’s wrong w/ education (at least here).. I WAS bored ALWAYS and forever in school (and from what I have heard since retirement… I bored more than a few thousand runts myself.. and Guess What.. they’re adults now.. and actually thanking me for it!).. and guess what again? I can read and write after being bored as a student at my very own Pokey(s). Anyhoo, if you are boring them (students).. that is a Good Thing. Sincere Apologies for the way that 9/15/07 was worded.


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