September 16, 2007

A tired explanation

Posted in classroom management, lesson plans, mommy at 3:31 am by mrsmauck

I’m not sure how reflective I’m going to be able to be this year…how the reflective teacher did it, I don’t know. By the time I get home, relax with my daughter for a couple hours, cook dinner and clean up, it’s past time to plan my lessons for the next day. I’m up until 11 or 11:30 doing that, and then I have to get bottles and pump equipment ready for the next day. Four preps is tough. Writing lesson plans is much like writing papers for my college classes: I dread getting started, but then I get tons of good ideas once I start, and end up thinking it was a satisfying expeirence. Unlike with writing college papers, though, sometimes my lesson plans succeed and sometimes they flop. So when I finish writing, I’m not done. I have to deliver it, and often after that’s done, I don’t want to look back. I feel like I only have time to look forward. I know this is the raison d’etre for this blog, but I just don’t know how I’ll find time to do this.

Looking forward to next week: I think I’m going to have to tighten the reins: Several of my classes became fairly chaotic last week, with too many kids going back to their lockers for supplies, needing to go to the bathroom during class, etc. I’m going to have to implement a system for this. I’m thinking they’ll get three bathroom trips per 9wks, and after that, it’s a Tardy. All trips to lockers after the bell rings will get a Tardy. I hate that I’m having to do this a month into the year, but better late than never. I’ll just have to be sure and do this consistently, and they’ll have to get used to it. I hate this; I’d rather trust them to be responsible, like in college, but they just won’t do it.



  1. Miss! said,

    I realized that I have to be pretty tough on students leaving the class, too. As soon as they see that someone is allowed to go, everyone wants to leave. You’re right, consistency is the key. I started off from the beginning of this year being strict with it and I haven’t had any problems yet.

  2. LaNan Deaton said,

    I enjoy reading your blog (both of them!). It sounds as if you are doing an excellent job – the Caddo youth need to be exposed to the world of literature!! Am posting to let you know what a couple of Zach’s teachers have done with the bathroom break issue. His geometry teacher last year allowed X bathroom passes per 6 weeks (can’t remember the exact #). If they didn’t take any, they got an extra quiz grade of 100 at the end of the 6 weeks. The more bathroom breaks they used, the lower the quiz grade.

    This year his chemistry teacher has a “class participation” grade. They start out with a 90 for the 6 weeks, and points are added or subtracted based on participation/behavior. Points are subtracted for locker or restroom passes, inappropriate behavior, disruptions, sleeping in class, etc. Points are added for cleaning the lab, good deeds, good overall behavior, etc. Just a couple of ideas.

  3. I hope things were better this week!

  4. syb said,

    I think yr doing great.. What a lot of things you’ve already accomplished. Kids are kids. Speaking from my view only, I left The Pokey.. EVERY single day w/ one of these thoughts:
    1. I can’t believe I got paid to have fun.
    2. There’s not enuf money in the world for this.

    So, keep on keepin on.. I would love to be yr student.


  5. syb said,

    Sorry to leave so many comments these past 2 days.. but I Just thought of something.. when you implement a new rule.. always preface it by saying: This is subject to change. I am a woman.. and women change their minds.

    What worked for me on the leaving class thing is…

    (Bathroom Rules) I will try to say yes to you as often as possible; you may have work, like a page to read, before I say Yes.. depending on what class is doing… and if you “over-ask” you will be denied permission for a number of weeks.. similar to being on restriction at home

    (Leaving Class Rules.. for locker, etc) Similar to above except I tried to keep EXTRA EVERYTHING in my room.. such as texts, paper, pencils.. EVERYTHING you can think of.. Often I would even lend the student (and really.. those kids JUST wanna +wander+) my own text… Anything to keep them in the room.. I wuld especially emphasize the “over-asking” and “going on restriction” aspect of it all

    This prob makes no sense.. but I was ASTONISHED at the number of times when a kid asked to leave the Classroom for whatever and I retorted w/ ‘Sure, but can you finish __ and ___ first” THE KID FORGOT he +had+ to go to the RR.


    I NEVER let kids leave the first/last 10 min of class as I explained (and got them to agree).. was like the first/last part of a movie.. the Important parts..

    Soooo.. the gist is.. if you have said NO to the first and last 10 minutes cuz yr explaining the lesson/day.. and wrapping up the lesson/plan.. that only leaves the middle 30 minutes.. and for those you can use the trick of.. “Just finish reading the 2 pages and then ask me”

    And Voila.. you have beat them at their own games

    Sorry to have gone on for so long..

    Of all this Jibberish that I typed.. I think the most valuable is.. Let them know that yr Just trying out what works best for them and you and it is subject to change at any time!!

    How is the (senior) after lunch class going? I would think that would be hard as heckk.. seniors after lunch.. Ug and Yikes!


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