September 16, 2007

A tired explanation

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I’m not sure how reflective I’m going to be able to be this year…how the reflective teacher did it, I don’t know. By the time I get home, relax with my daughter for a couple hours, cook dinner and clean up, it’s past time to plan my lessons for the next day. I’m up until 11 or 11:30 doing that, and then I have to get bottles and pump equipment ready for the next day. Four preps is tough. Writing lesson plans is much like writing papers for my college classes: I dread getting started, but then I get tons of good ideas once I start, and end up thinking it was a satisfying expeirence. Unlike with writing college papers, though, sometimes my lesson plans succeed and sometimes they flop. So when I finish writing, I’m not done. I have to deliver it, and often after that’s done, I don’t want to look back. I feel like I only have time to look forward. I know this is the raison d’etre for this blog, but I just don’t know how I’ll find time to do this.

Looking forward to next week: I think I’m going to have to tighten the reins: Several of my classes became fairly chaotic last week, with too many kids going back to their lockers for supplies, needing to go to the bathroom during class, etc. I’m going to have to implement a system for this. I’m thinking they’ll get three bathroom trips per 9wks, and after that, it’s a Tardy. All trips to lockers after the bell rings will get a Tardy. I hate that I’m having to do this¬†a month into the year, but better late than never. I’ll just have to be sure and do this consistently, and they’ll have to get used to it. I hate this; I’d rather trust them to be responsible, like in college, but they just won’t do it.


August 3, 2007

New blog, new blogger!

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I’m working on a story for Oklahoma Today magazine on Oklahoma blogs, and these insightful, dedicated, interesting bloggers have inspired me! As the school year is about to begin, I really want to have an online haven where I can count on more layers of content, more readers, and certainly more posts (that last one depends on me, I suppose). I really want to be a reflective teacher who participates in the current conversation on teaching, not just hiding out in my classroom, feeling scared and alone and unsure of what I’m doing. I know that to do this I need to be a better blogger: read the great blogs that are out there, leave comments, and put more thought and effort into reflection and posting. I want to be able to look back at this first year of teaching and learn from it, and I think this blog is the perfect place to start. I’ve been skipping through baby-land without a care in the world for blog-land (except for semi-frequent photo posts to my personal blog, at the hisses of my distant family members), but now I want that to change.

¬†Falling off the blog bandwagon was just way too easy: I quit reading the excellent carnivals, stopped posting comments, then stopped reading my Bloglines, and basically quit posting until very recently. But I’m back and I want to learn and think and reflect so I can be the best teacher i can be. Help me, fellow bloggers!

September 21, 2006

My passion shifts…

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Well, my Teacher Competency Review Panel interview went well. It was just two extremely nice women who were very friendly and laid-back about the whole process, so I felt very comfortable and at ease. I should have my teaching certificate in the next couple weeks!

It’s been very difficult for me to post on this blog lately, because all the thought I used to devote to teaching has been almost completely replaced with thoughts of being a mommy. That’s right dear readers, I’m pregnant! I’d been planning on applying for jobs that begin mid-year for the past couple months, but now I’m having second thoughts. I’ll be in my third trimester for most of next semester, and I’ve heard how incredibly tiring teaching is, especially during your first year. I’ll probably go ahead and apply, though. The bottom line is, I have to work somewhere, and although the job I have now is very laid-back, has me sitting down most of the day, and is very flexible about taking breaks when needed for dr. appointments, sick days, etc., it’s not a good job for me. Yikes though, now that I listed all those things, I see how it might be a wiser choice.

Well…I’ll be praying about it. What do you guys think?